Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jewels of Innocence and Joy and Mirth

"For pansies are, I think, the little gleams
Of children's visions from a world of dreams,
Jewels of innocence and joy and mirth,
Alight with laughter as they fall to earth.
So tread not rashly, children, lest you crush
A part of childhood in a thoughtless rush.
Would you not treat them gently if you knew
Pansies are little bits of children too?"
Taken from the poem "Pansies"
By R.C. Lehmann

This afternoon my dad surprised me with this beautiful pansy covered porcelain teapot. It was made in England by Royal Caldone. Dad and I have always shared a love for the little smiling faces of these old fashioned flowers. I am so thrilled with this gift! It's my first piece of china with pansies. {Notice I said "my FIRST piece ~ Diane and I are going to scour the nearest antique mall all day tomorrow to see how much damage we can do. Guess what I'll be on a hunt for... maybe a pretty little pansy covered teacup!}
I love the line in the poem that refers to the flowers as "Jewels of innocence and joy and mirth".
Doesn't that apply to all flowers?! God gave us so much when He created the beauty of flowers. Nothing else quite compares...
Then again~ He one upped Himself when He created children and the whole essence of childhood. Just think about how flowers and children touch all of our senses like nothing else really can. Not only are they both glorious to look upon and watch unfold, but what else in the whole of creation smells as breathtakingly wonderful as a flower or a child?
Not long after Diane arrived Saturday night, she reached out and grabbed hold of Gabby as she was trotting past her, and breathed in that mystical aura that surrounds little ones, and said, "Mmm... she smells sooo good."
And why wouldn't she? She has the very breath of God in and around her. Children truly are our little "jewels of innocence and joy and mirth". They're fresh and brightly colored and as ever changing as a flower garden.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Danette what a lovely tapestry of words - so beautifully woven together!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the poem and your beautiful flowers! The little statue is perfect, too! Have fun today!

Kar said...

What a lovely post Danette. Thanks for sharing it. And what a lovely present from your Dad. Love the pansies.

It's funny how you speak of the smells of a child. I still stop and smell the girls because there is just something about them that just stops you in your tracks. It's another reason why I still try to get a snuggle in with them once in a while. :)


Ally Jay said...

The Tea pot is beautiful. Pansies are such happy flowers I think and so easy to grow.