Saturday, February 14, 2009

Roses, Fern & Pearls

What do you get when you start with Roses, surround them by some Fern & throw in some Pearls?
A lovely, romantic Valentine gift? Well... sometimes... But this time what you get is a bowl full of scrumptious yarn!
Now ~ before I go any further ~ I must confess to everyone that I am a bona fide, unwavering, dyed in the wool {pun definitely intended here!} yarn snob!!! My girlfriend Karen is always amazed that I can usually tell the fiber content of her clothing from across the room! And on those rare occassions when I cannot be 100% certain, it only takes one little snif & voila'! ~ I usually know at least the top note. The fragrance of fine fiber is like sweet perfume to me.

So, all that being said, I am more shocked than anyone who knows me well could be {even my crochet/knitting students know me for the snob I am}, I have found an acrylic ~ Yes, I said ACRYLIC {and I mean 100% so}, yarn I have fallen head over heals in love with!

It's Vanna's Choice ~ put out, of course, by the lovely Vanna White, who is not only one of America's favorite sweethearts, but is also a Crochet Queen who has been Lion Brand's national spokesperson for 15 years. I mean ~~~ who doesn't love Vanna! So, I figured her yarn was worth a try, especially since the price is somewhat less than this fiber snob usually pays. Now, don't misunderstand me, I still have a natural, deep down abiding love & preference for NATURAL FIBERS {AND my "family" at my fabulous local yarn shop ~ Ewenique Yarns ~ where 99.9% of my yarn comes from}, however, I do like this yarn. It is unbelievably soft for an acrylic and has that wonderful added bonus of being completely machine washable & dryable. Plus, I really like the color choices.

Therefore, it will from time to time show up in my handwork from now on. As a matter of fact, it made its debut for me in that "Rambling Rose" poncho I just finished recently. The new project I've started with it is using the color ROSE MIST. It's pictured in the bowl along with color choices: FERN & PEARL MIST.

What a lovely bowl of Yarn Soup it makes!

May you all have a Happy Heart today!!!


Kar said...

I love that yarn too! The colors are wonderful. You will have to post a pic when your project is done. I know it is going to look gorgeous with those wonderful colors.

Happy Valentines Day!

Sandra said...

I love the Vanna White yarn! I've used it quite a bit and it's wonderful to work with and the colours are just beautiful. I really like your bowlful of yarn as it shows the colour of the yarn perfectly.

Have a great weekend!

BECKY said...

YAY for yarn soup!! ;o)

It is a very pretty bowl of yarn!! You are almost getting me to the point where I'm thinking of trying to remember what my Mom taught me and break out with some knitting!! Scary!!!!

My 10 yo knits, my 27 yo knits, so I have 2 people to help refresh my memory. Wow, Danette!! You might have created a monster here!! Kepp ya posted!!

Have I told you that you seem like just an absolutely delightful person?? Well, you do!! I love how you spread all of your joy around the blogsphere!!

Hope your Valentine's Day was special!! Mine has been wonderful!!

Tracy said...

Sounds like you're in love, Danette...LOL! The yarn is scrumptions! The Vanna's Choice is pretty good for an acrylic, isn't it. I like it too. There are more and more finer acrylics out there and that is terrific news. Not everyone can handle wool or other animal fibers next to the skin, so this is a good thing. Patons and Moda-Dea make some nice acrylic blends too. Looking forward to seeing what your working on here with mix of rose, fern & pearl colors when it's finished! Hope you are having a lovely Valentine's weekend...may it be rosy with love and delight! :o) ((HUGS))

La Tea Dah said...

Oh, a lovely post! Beautiful fibers, colors, textures --- and words spoken like one who truly appreciates textiles! I'm not good at crochet or knitting (yes, I've tried and enjoy --- I'm just not good at it!) --- but I do have a love affair with textiles old and new. Most of my energies tend towards needlework and quilting. Great post!


MrPuffy said...

That sounds like a great find! Many knitters are allergic to natural fibers so it's nice they have some great options. Plus, the easy care of arcylic makes it a winner for busy folks!

Love the bowl with the hearts :)

Becky said...

Danette, I knew you'd come to the dark side of acryllics eventually!!

And "new Becky" you're right - Danette is a delightful person and an absolute blessing. There are few people as warm, open, loving and charming as she is. I love you, dear friend, Danette!

- the first Becky