Thursday, February 5, 2009

What A Night!

All day yesterday Gabby and I talked about having company for the evening as we cleaned house together. As you can imagine, she's a great little helper. We even cleaned the bird cages {ICK!}. She loves to get on the business end of a broom. I just have to watch that none of the doggies receive an accidental thump on the head while she's wielding it!
We had cousin Heidi and her two children, Tanner & Chloe, over for a pizza night. Heidi is just home from spending Christmas and the month of January in Denver, Colorado with her family. We hadn't seen her and the kids since their return, so we thought it was high time for them to meet new puppy Phoebe, come play with Gabby, catch up on chit~chat and FINALLY let me give Heidi that Christmas present that's been hanging around on my shelf waiting for her return!

Gabby was excited and anxiously awaiting her playmates all afternoon. The only problem was that she never took a nap. Her head is still stuffy for one thing. The other thing is she waits for her Aunt Hilary to get home from work all day. The minute Hilary was in the door, at about 5:20, Gabby started asking for "Elvis, Elvis!". Believe it or not, my not yet 2 year old granddaughter is addicted to Elvis on YouTube. So Hilary brings it up on the computer and we all usually dance around the room with ole Elvis the Pelvis. {Gabby especially loves it if Becky is here to join in!} Anyway~ I was still tidying up {cleaning the bathroom ~ more ICK!} so there was no jirating for me. Gabby being a bit tired at this point just sat on Aunt Hil's lap in front of the computer and at 6:00 in the evening her head hit the desk and she was OUT! We moved her to the couch thinking she would wake up when our company arrived with all the fanfare of 3 doggies announcing them. But...NO. We couldn't wake her. No matter WHAT we did she literally snored through the hub~bub until 9:00.

Needless to say, once she came to, ate, and played, she was REALLY AWAKE! Since her mommy meets herself coming & going between work and school and never gets enough sleep, Grammy took the night shift in the rocking chair with the movie ELF playing. She finally drifted back to sleep & I put her to bed at 2:30 a.m.! It was nearly 3 a.m. when I crawled into bed and at precisely 3:28 Scott rolled over & Phoebe, who was sleeping on his chest, hit the hard wood floor. Poor little thing was stunned but O.K. The rest of my night was filled with tossing & turning and weird dreams! You know how those nights go ~ we all have them sometimes!

Anyway, we did have a good evening and so far all things seem to be set to rights today.
After all :
"This is the day the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24
And when there are babies in the house, things may be unpredictable, but there is ALWAYS rejoicing involved!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Danette!

I am so amazed at your talents! Your Etsy store is filled with beautiful handiwork!

You asked about adding the little Valentine to your sidebar. Click on the Valentine to make it large, left click mouse and save it as a picture. Go to your blog where you can customize/layout, where the sidebar items go. Click on "add a gadget" and then click on "picture". Where it says "Browse", find the Valentine picture, open, save and that should do it. Oh my goodness, hope that helped or did I confuse you more? LOL!

Have a great day and knit til your hearts content!!!


Danette said...

Thanks Maryjane for the nice words!
I'll give the sidebar thing a try & if I can't get it right I'll have Hilary do it when she gets home from work. She's my librarian/computer guru daughter!

Hilary said...

Mom, I'm sure we can figure out the sidebar. And you only think I'm a computer guru (bless you!). Most of the time I am only pretending to know what I'm doing as I guess my way through it all. And I love that picture of Gabby asleep at the computer! Too bad you can't here the Elvis song (Fever) that was lulling her to sleep.

Sandra said...

I loved this story into your day...err, I mean night! Your Gabby is absolutely adorable and that photo of her asleep at the computer is just sooo cute. Hope you got a nap in sometime today.

Oh, and I got the baby sweater set done and am ready to start on the slippers just need to buy the 8mm dp needles. Can't believe I don't have them since I seem to have every other size, lol!

Danette said...

You're NOT fooling your mother. I know you are, naturally, the smartest & prettiest firstborn daughter around!!!

Holly said...

Sounds like things around my house with babies! Gabby is too cute and I am glad that you got to see Heidi and the kids finally. We miss them. Every time we get in the car Caleb says "Tanner Coeeee! Tanner Coeee!" and Halle quickly corrects him that we will not be seeing them for awhile. Isn't it great to have a big sister who knows everything??!!

Glad you all are feeling better!

Bridget said...

The picture of Gabby asleep on the keyboard is adorable! I'm glad she was able to enjoy at least a little bit of the visit.

Here's hoping you all get a good nights' sleep tonight.

Tracy said...

Hello, Danette! I was delighted to see you stopped by my very nice to meet you! I have enjoyed visiting you here and your creative and beautiful Etsy shop. your family is lovely, those grandchildren so sweet...Gabby has such an angel-face! But they all do! I look forward coming back here to see you. Thanks so much for you kind thoughts on the baby cardigan I lately knit. I love to knit too! Happy weekend to you all! :o)

sa said...