Friday, February 6, 2009

The Scene of the Crime {otherwise known as Miss Phoebe in the Kitchen with the Knitting Needles}

While Gabby was finally napping yesterday afternoon, I picked up my knitting to finish the roses for the poncho I'm STILL working on. When I reached the point of being ready to bind off 90 stitches for the last flower, I laid everything down on my kitchen table and left the room for about 5 minutes. During that time Chelsea went out the back door to leave for school but had forgotten to do something in the kitchen and returned for a brief moment. From the other room I said another goodbye to her. Upon my return to the kitchen {now known as "the scene of the crime"}, I found Phoebe wanting to "help" me along with my project. Apparently even SHE realizes I'm taking too long with this one! Now~ I had to ask myself, "How did a long bodied, short legged fur pants get ahold of something that I KNOW I left on the table? I looked around for an accomplice, but... alas, there was no cat in sight, and as I mentioned before, Gabby was sleeping. Without wasting too much time thinking about it {I AM a blonde after all}, I confiscated {which the dictionary says means: to take or seize by AUTHORITY} the stolen articles, returning them back to the kitchen table.

Then {still being a blonde}, I left the kitchen again, without thinking it might be a good idea to investigate the scene of the crime for anything else that might be out of place. {You'll never see me on CSI!}. This time it was approximately 10 minutes before my return to THE KITCHEN. At which time I discovered the before said THIEF {little Miss Phoebe} EATING MY READING GLASSES! This time, as cute as it was, grabbing the camera was NOT my first thought. Instead I made a lunge for the glasses and Phoebe, thinking it was all a great game at this point, held firm to her looted bounty! After some struggle ensued I {being the one in AUTHORITY} won the battle. However, the victory was a short lived one... you guessed it... I'm off to Vintage Optical here in town today to replace the reading glasses. And ~ doggone ~ those were my favorite little "rose colored glasses". They're still somewhat usable, if I don't mind puppy teeth marks in the lenses and being scratched half to death on the side of the head when I put them on and they pull half my hair out! The problem is, I've always had perfect eyesight but I got over that about the same time I got over being 40. Now I must have these little cheaters if I want to actually SEE what I'm knitting.

By the way, to solve the crime at last, I finally figured out that when Chelsea returned to the kitchen momentarily, she must have knocked my knitting and glasses onto the floor in her haste to get back out of the house, because sitting there on the chair, where I had been sitting before the whole crime occurred, was the diaper bag from her car. {Once again~ Blondie didn't notice that until the last minute!} Therefore, you see, it wasn't Phoebe's fault after all. It was Chelsea's. This makes Phoebe feel MUCH better about the whole thing. Now she can put the unpleasant episode behind her... until the next misunderstanding takes place.


Kathy said...

Oh, Danette what a hilarious story. I know it didnt seem to funny at the time, but dont be to upset with miss Phoebe, maybe she needs some rose colored glasses to ! Hey I always had 20- 20 vision until the big 40 hit. aren't we lucky to have all these stylish glasses to chose from?

Becky said...

Okay, so Phoebe was a smidge on the naughty side today. But are you sure she wasn't just trying to learn to knit so she could help her mommy? Besides, look how cute she looks gobbling up her loot! Awww. What a sweet baby!

Danette said...

Hello Girls!
#1 Phoebe is currently chewing my rocking chair in the kitchen {her usual crime scene}.
#2 Only I am allowed to wear rose colored glasses around here.
#3 Phoebe's naughty side is bigger than a SMIDGE.
#4 She blames all of her chewing {and pooping} on somebody else.
#5 She wakes me up at night.

#1 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her.
#2 Babies WILL be babies.
#3 I don't sleep good anyway.
#4 Sometimes it really is Jose doing the pooping.
#5 My new glasses are TOO CUTE!
{even though they are not rose
colored ~ looking through rose
colored glasses is a state of
mind nobody can really take
away from me!}

Danette said...

I'm sorry but I just have to post one more comment here to clarify something. I noticed that this post claims I did it at 7:22 a.m. or some such nonsense. Let me make it abundantly clear ~ the ONLY thing I'm ever doing that early is watching the backs of my eyelids!!!
So, I don't know what time this crazy blog business is on, but it's certainly NOT on MY time!

Becky said...

I'm laughing - I wondered when you became such an early bird!

Kathy, how've you been?

Both of you girls have a happy weekend!

Patti Cakes said...

Is that not the cutest little face. Innocent face I might add.

Liz said...

What a cute post! I can picture the whole crime. Miss Phoebe is a sweetie and shouldn't have to take responsibility for her actions. Don't judge her to harshly. :) I'm basing this opinion on the picture of her. :)

What a doll!


Bridget said...

OK, I know that it wasn't a good thing to have happen, but I must say that I laughed out loud while reading this!

And I *love* the "aren't I cute pose" in the picture ...

Lallee said...

But her face is so innocent. Somebody must have planted those objects in her mouth ;-)

Danette said...

Uh~huh, Right Lallee!