Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creatures Great & Small

Creatures great & small ~ I just love to feed them all!

Meet Felix, our outdoor pet. He loves to munch on leftover pizza crust, bread, crackers, cookies and especially apple slices covered in peanut butter. He's sitting in his favorite little nook of the tree enjoying the goodies Gabby & I prepared for him this morning. It's a highlight of Gabby & Grammy's day when he finds the bounty we leave. We keep watch out the front door and windows for him. He was a baby the same Spring Gabby was born & we've all had the pleasure of seeing him grow fat & fluffy. If a day goes by and I forget to set his meal out, he comes to the front door and scratches at the bottom of it or jumps on the wicker couch that sits on the porch and paws at the window! Gabby and all our indoor pets (kitties & doggies) love it when he does that. He looks in at us as if to say, "Uh... did you forget something... I mean, I'm kinda hungry out here. Or maybe I could just come in there with all of you?"

We also have a darling little chipmunk who comes out every Spring and sits in the same spot every afternoon around 1:00 and eats the nuts & seeds we put out for him. We call him Digby. In the Fall we watch as he begins stuffing his cheeks so full they nearly burst. Then he crawls through a space at the edge of the porch to bury it for his long winter of hibernation. He'll do this all afternoon for at least two weeks just before winter really sets in. He's on his third winter of burrowing somewhere underneath our front porch. I'm always glad to see him pop back up as the weather gets warmer. He brings the promise of new days with him!

"O Lord, how manifold are your works!
In wisdom have you made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures." Psalm 104:24


Becky said...

So, I finally get to see the famous Felix! What a chubby little cutie! I just stocked up on day-old bread & cinammon rolls for my squirrels for Christmas. As if those little chubsters need something besides their corn & seeds!

Hand Knits That Blossom said...

Well, it IS Christmas after all!

Hand Knits That Blossom said...

If you're out there Kathy~
What do you think of our anniversary pictures you've been waiting for? Looks like Scott & I are getting squirrelier all the time! Ha!

Kathy said...

how great to see fat furry squirrels. Our squirrels are skinny and fur less, they almost look like cute rats(if there is such a rat). They come on the deck and wait for our scrapes, but they never get fat. has Gabby seen Santa? My little one is afraid of him , so was Scarlett so we never had to stand in a long line to see him, they just wanted the loot not the picture.Speaking of which, I dont see a picture of you and Scott, am I missing something, I am going to check my E-mail, see if its there. Hope all you ladies completed all your projects, just in time for Christmas. Need to go clean-up play-doh. Danette, I wish so badly I could be there to bake cookies and make fudge with you. Scarlett has all ready fell in love with Gabby, just looking at her pictures with me.

Millykins said...

That is so adorable!! I wish we had squirrels around our neighborhood!

Hand Knits That Blossom said...

Hey there Miss Amelia (Millykins)!
How are you sweet girl? It's been far too long since you've been to my house for a girlie night of movies, knitting & hot tea. Come see me. I'll put on my red lipstick for you! Merry Christmas! Love you!!:) Hi to your Mama!