Monday, December 29, 2008

Pure Naughtiness!

When I came back around the corner to finish picking up my crocheted items, after posting todays blog, THIS is what I found.

" I wasn't trying to wear the pretty scarf, REALLY Mommy! I just wanted to smell these nice flowers."

Since I state, on my Etsy shop, that none of my items have ever been worn, I hope whoever purchases this in the future can overlook the antics of a SPOILED ROTTEN chihuahua!


Becky said...

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the "pure naughtiness" of Jose!! And to think I always saw him as sweet and as pure as the wind driven snow! Huh!

Danette said... had happened was...he REALLY just wanted to take time to stop and smell the poinsettia's! Can't blame a little guy for THAT!

Becky said...

You need to post this picture when you sell the scarf!! Who could resist such a cute little furball performing quality control checks on their merchandise?

Becky said...

Heard you're feeling icky! :( I'm praying for you to feel better and the rest of your bunch NOT to get it!
Moochie Kisses,

Danette said...

Thanks for the prayers! I'm only out of bed for the moment. The NASTY stomach flu hit me HARD Monday night & I'm just getting a few saltines down today, enough to take some Tylenol to keep the fever & BEASTLY headache and body aches somewhat at bay. I'm certainly ready to kiss 2008 GOODBYE! Since this year is going out like a lion for me, hopefully 2009 will enter like a lamb!
Hope to be feeling well enough to post a new blog in a day or two.