Saturday, December 20, 2008


As I was settling the house down to go to bed last night, which around here includes: letting the baby's (you know - dogs) out one last time and tucking them into bed, covering the bird cages (even the birds get tucked in for the long winter nights) and turning off lights, including the Christmas tree right now, I heard a lot of tinkling and jingling and turned to see the tree swaying! This is what greeted me at eye level:

This is Scout, our "resident beast". She's actually Hilary's cat, who named her after the little girl nicknamed "Scout" in her favorite book,"To Kill A Mockingbird". The name fits her well, as she is always upto some kind of mischief. One of her specialties is to hide behind furniture and jump out for a sneak attack at my little chihuahua when he is walking by. She loves it ~ he doesn't! As you see in the last picture, she decided to nibble on a strand of lights & that's when I made her get her fat self down out of my Christmas tree!


Becky said...

Now, really, what was Scoutie supposed to do? The tree brings out those gorgeous eyes of hers! A girl can't resist anything that makes her best features stand out!

Hand Knits That Blossom said...

How true!