Monday, January 5, 2009

Fairy Cakes

What we call cupcakes are "Fairy Cakes" to the British. There seem to be different opinions as to why they are named something so magical. Some say it's because they are smaller than regular cakes and are therefore made for the fairies. I like that!

My knitted version of these lovely little delectables was made for a custom order. I have a friend who is having a birthday this week and her daughter, knowing her mother loves to place beautiful cakes on her various cake plates, wants to give them to her so Mom always has pretty cakes to set around for all her celebrations. How sweet is that?!
While Fairy Cakes are for the young at heart, they are also quite appealing to the very young. Gabby just had to have her own once she saw the others. The one for her is a bit more child looking. She loves to carry it around by the cherry.
Secret Ingredients for Fairy Cakes:
Start with some wool
Add a pinch of fluff
Throw in a dash of sparkle
Stir in a wee bit of magic and
Sprinkle lavishsly with buttons and beads!
(Sometimes top off with a cherry!:)
And Enjoy!


Becky said...

These are way too precious and delightful for words!! Cuppie cakes have to be one of the world's most lovely-looking creations, and in yarn, they are even more so!!

Danette said...

Aah! Thank you! And yarn (and a little bit of sparkle) makes everything better!

Kathy said...

They look magically deliciousbrykat937att

Kathy said...

whoops blogger finger trouble. SORRY! They really do look magically Delicious

Danette said...

I thought maybe that was some kind of special code I was supposed to figure out!

carey said...

I love your little fairy cakes! They are so cute!!