Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cozy Crocheting

After I finished the teal colored tranquility shawl a few days ago, I decided I really must have one of these warm cozy wraps for myself. So I went to my yarn stash and pulled out the 3 hanks of Lorna's Laces hand~dyed yarn I've been saving for just the right project. It's a beautiful superwash wool of Shepherd Bulky in the color Baltic Sea. Each skein has 140 yards and I used nearly every bit. As many of you know, crocheting uses up more yarn than knitting does.

Although I seldom ever make anything for myself, and I do have two custom orders due by February 1st, I just couldn't resist the tempting thought of snuggling into one of these while crocheting, knitting or reading a good book (a steaming cup of tea within reach at all times). I'm an extra cold person who lives in a house that was built in 1926 which still has the original windows and not enough insulation. Plus all the floors are the original oak (no carpeting anywhere). I love, love, love my old house but it is drafty and cold this time of year. In the summer it's all breezy and shady, but right now I need as many warm, snuggly things to wear as possible! I'm actually sitting here cocooned in it right now ~ and LOVING every warm minute of it!:)

Naturally, while I was working on it, every time I had to put it down Scout made it her number one priority to guard my goods. Her favorite occupation is "wool~gathering"! Even Phoebe enjoyed curling up by an unwound hank for a little nap.
Also, just a quick note to tell you about my new favorite find: "Get a Grip" ~ fiber friendly handbalm. I found it at
It's a lanolin based balm that's offered in several different fragrances. I chose "romance" and is it ever divine! Those of you who work constantly with fibers are probably having much the same dry hand trouble as me, especially if you live in a cold weather climate like I do. I can't say enough good about this lovely product. It comes in a cute little tin that tells you on the back to "Rub a small amount into hands until slightly tacky. Knit/Crochet like crazy. Repeat". Don't you just love that?!

Hope you're all keeping warm and cozy wherever you are today. And doing the same as me~
knitting and crocheting like crazy!
"She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands." Proverbs 31:13


MrPuffy said...

I have that Proverb underlined ~ I love it when I find references to knitting found in the Bible!

Danette said...

So do I! I think you & I are kindred spirits!:)
Hope you're having a lovely day Mr. Puffy!

Bridget said...

Oh that is beautiful - and it does look perfect for being cozy!

For a minute, I thought Scout *was* Jetsam, and that he had somehow made his way onto your blog. :-)

Hm. Are you going to have to fight the cat and the dog for the wrap????

Liz said...

Hi Danette! Thanks stopping by and for becoming a follower. I'm going to follow you to. When My husband and I got married I did a framed picture "I am my beloveds and he is mine" I love it. I also added it to my side bar after I saw it on yours : )

Enjoying your pretty blog!


Danette said...

Hi Bridget (the one who is Not related to me) ~
I have to fight all the dogs(3 of them now)and cats (2 of them) for all my stuff! Of course, maybe I should quit leaving things lying around so much!
Believe it or not, Scout is a girl. She actually belongs to Hilary, my daughter who is the librarian, who named her for the little girl nicknamed Scout in her favorite book, "To Kill A Mockingbird".
And I thought you had Scout on YOUR blog when I first saw Jetsam!

Danette said...

Hello Liz~
I absolutely LOVE all the pretty pictures on your side bar! And your blog is gorgeous! Thanks for following me too.
I just love connecting with all of you who enjoy the same things as me. How fun this is getting to be. I love the glimpse into the lives of so many lovely women.