Friday, January 23, 2009

Tea and Friendship

Today I went to Krista's house for a luncheon to celebrate our friend Amy's birthday. For years now the three of us have traveled from home to home for monthly tea and coffee time, which we usually turn into a full blown lunch for a birthday. It's always so much fun to see all the pretty china and silver set out with beautiful food and desserts. The time spent together is refreshing, uplifting and relaxing. Our friendship has spanned more than two decades now. Through the years we've shared laughter, tears and much of life as we've watched each others children grow up. I was the first to become a Grammy, but this year Amy will enter that land of joy and wonder when her oldest daughter has her first baby in July. And, of course, Krista & I will be there to congratulate her immediately (and get our hands on that baby as soon as possible!). Doesn't friendship just make everything in life like one big, delicious tea party?!

The picture shows Krista on the left and Amy on the right.

Before I left I just had to take this picture of Gabby sitting on the couch "reading" the book Aunt Hilary brought home from the library for her last night. I love to watch and listen as she reads. She points to the pictures and jabbers along like she's reading or names the items shown. One of her favorite things to do is line up her baby dolls, or the puppy, and read to them while they go "night~night". There's absolutely nothing like the imagination of a child!

The book Gabby was reading this morning, entitled "Tea for Ruby", is just darling. It's written by Sarah Ferguson~The Duchess of York and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser. Whether you have a child in your household or not, you should go to your local library or bookstore and take a peek at it. I think I'll purchase one for Gabby when she turns 2 in April. I get something tea related for her for every occasion. I want her to grow up with a love and appreciation for the many joys and benefits of afternoon tea time, especially when shared with friends!

"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea." Bernard~Paul Heroux

"Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea." Author Unknown

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea." Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

"Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs." Henry George Bohn

"There is no better looking glass than an old friend." Thomas Fuller

"The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend." Henry David Thoreau

"I am not of that feather to shake off my friend when he must need me." Shakespeare


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

You are fortunate to have such close friendships that have span decades.

Love the pretty teacups and quotes!

Danette said...

Thanks Mr. Puffy~
And, yes, I definitely feel blessed to have such deep and lasting friendships. It makes my world a better place!

Becky said...

I love the quote about bread and water so easily being toast & tea. How quickly the mundane can become beautiful and memorable, especially with a good friend. The Lord is so loving to put these special friends in our lives, isn't He?

How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. Psalm 36:7

La Tea Dah said...

I love your tea post --- having tea with a group of friends monthly would be divine!

Thanks for your comment on Gracious Hospitality today regarding kitchens. I agree with all you said.

Blessings to you, Danette.