Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Today Gabby and I entertained Karen for lunch. Well... I did the decorating and Gabby did most of the "entertaining". And, actually, Karen did the cooking and brought it all with her. Can't beat a deal like that! Due to all of the activities of the season, and my recent bout with the flu, Karen and I were just getting around to celebrating Christmas together. Our usual tradition is for me to go to her house but Mommy had to work this afternoon so instead of getting the little miss out in the frigid
cold, Auntie Karen came to us.

As you can see I had quite the time keeping Gabby away from all the "pretties" on the table. She is 101% GIRL! She loves jewelry, dishes, nail polish, make-up, clothes and anything that sparkles. And she's not even two yet. Look out Mommy. Like I've always said you really do reap what you sow!!! Sometimes you get one JUST LIKE you!

After the party, Mommy came home and gave Gabby a manicure. Check out the red nail polish! In the end, it was all so exhausting. What else could a princess do but settle in for a little beauty sleep.

Sleep on My Fair One, for as Alfred Lord Tennyson said in his poem "The Lotos-Eaters":

"Surely, surely, slumber is more sweet than toil..."


Becky said...

You know what that pretty red nail polish is missing, dontcha? Stickers! I have some on my toenails right now, courtesy of Ms. Hilary.

Danette said...

I figured you for the kinda girl who would have stickers on her toenails!

Becky said...

Guilty as charged!

Kathy said...

toe rings are cute too!!

Danette said...

I love toe rings. I have a friend whose husband likes them so much, he thought she should wear one on every toe a few summers ago! She told him that would be a bit too much!!!
Can you imagine how that would feel?!

Becky said...

Oh, you girls and your skinny toes! I have wide feet & can't find toe rings to go over my big piggies! :-D