Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Confections

On these cold winter days my favorite things to do while nestled in the house are knit, crochet, or bake. I think that's what makes these cupcake creations so much fun. It's like doing all three things! This pretty in pink cupcake is a combination of knitting, crocheting and beading. I love the littles sparkles sprinkled all over the top.

Today is Becky's birthday, so this sweet confection was made especially for her. Happy Birthday Miss Becky! She has a real thing for cupcakes (which is why I am referring to this one as a cupcake instead of a "fairy cake"). She even has a pretty silver and pink
cupcake necklace she wears sometimes. So I thought I would add one more cupcake to her collection.
The other confection that is still on the needles today is working its way towards being a belt, or it can also be worn as a skinny scarf. I love the look and feel of this satiny soft Italian nylon ribbon yarn. The pink, brown, and white coloring reminds me of pink roses and chocolates. It has a zig zag of metallic thread running through the center. These belts are very chic and feminine looking when fringed on both ends and tied around the hips. This one will show up on my Etsy shop sometime this week. It would add just the right touch to a Valentine Dinner out!
As you can see, I had plenty of help with these projects last evening. For starters Phoebe felt like she had to condition the yarn with her razor sharp baby teeth. (Please try NOT to notice the fact that Phoebe is now the third one of my babies to model that same scarf!) Then they all three (Sophie, Phoebe, and Jose) snuggled in around me to keep me warm while I finished up.

*Please don't look too closely at my crazy looking outfit of green flannel snowflake pajama pants topped off by a pink and then a black sweater. OH ~ and the lovely rose colored reading glasses (I am after all a Grammy & I really do prefer to look at life through rose colored glasses!). What a get-up. Or as my mother would say, "What kind of GARB have you got on now?". I say --- whatever it takes to be as comfy as possible while we create!


Kathy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!! The whole country is celebrating your Birthday today! No school, No mail, No banks opened, wow I knew there had to be something special about today!! Danette I have those same over 40 glasses, only for reading or looking close up The scary part is I seemed to have them on more than just to read or look close up, I think I need to upgrade to the full time 45 year old glasses! I will have to see about getting that rose tint added. as far as the Pjs, when I first looked I thought you had my Sponge Bob flannel pjs on. I had to laugh when you mentioned your Mom saying"What kind of garb do you have on?" Those were my Mother's exact words. What happened to the word garb? Oh love the cup cake!! Beautiful to look at and wont add an inch to your waist line!

Becky said...

Thanks again for the cuppie-cake and crochet hook! I'm so tickled to have my very own cupcake mady by you! You're right - it means so much more that the hook was yours! And what a fun surprise to see you at the door!! I had a lovely day, thanks in part to you! Kathy, I thought you were right, that everyone was celebrating my birthday, too, but the lady at Wal-Mart seemed to think everyone was off work & school for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!! Hmmppfff!! Well, if I have to share it with anybody, at least it's someone I respect and admire! Happy Tuesday to all!

La Tea Dah said...

Happy Birthday Becky!!!!!

And ooo-la-la on the pretties you create! You are very talented!

I think your garb is perfect, by the way. You look lovely!


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hello Danette~ Thank you for visting! I like your garb! That's pretty much what I wear at home...

Your blog is so cute. What a fun story about the cake, your grandaughter is such a doll.

The shawl is gorgeous, so is kitty. I used to have one that looked almost identical; his name was Jasper.

These little cupcakes are precious, the sprinkles are the perfect touch.

Kathy said...

I'm am wishing I lived close to you so you could teach me to knit and crochet some of your wonderful creations! The little cupcakes are adorable!