Monday, March 2, 2009

Cozy Cottage Day

We're having a quiet, cozy day in our little cottage. Gabby was up before the sun this morning running a fever. At that point Grammy had only had 4 hours of sleep {most certainly NOT enough beauty rest for me at this point in life!}, but we got some Tylenol in her and sat in the rocking chair watching Toy Story until she fell back asleep. Mommy and Grammy were able to get a little more sleep then as well.

As the day has gone on, she has had no other symptoms other than a lighter than usual appetite. Her fever has stayed low grade and we have spent much time piled up on Grammy's bed surrounded by stacks of her favorite books {which we read "again"} and furry pups.

The cottage tea cozy pictured at the top is one I made and showed on an older post. Sometimes I like to use it for a centerpiece. I adore cottages! Actually I adore anything English, Irish, or Scottish. I am an old soul {my mother has always called me that} who was born on the wrong side of the ocean apparently!

Anyway, I will eventually sell some of these cottage cozy's on my Etsy shop. I have one almost finished. It just needs some more embroidery work.
For now~ Gabby and her Grammy bid you farewell. May you be warm, happy and healthy in your own cottage today!


BECKY said...

Oh, sweet Gabby isn't feeling well. I will pray that God will touch and heal her little body and that Mommy and Grammy won't get it!!

Love the little cottage!! Too cute!! Your work is all so pretty!

Did you see in my comment a couple of posts ago that you have 2 awards waiting for you on my blog? I didn't know if you saw it or not, or if you just don't do awards, which is fine. Just know I was thinking of you and how you brighten my day!! Hope you'll go read the post!! Title is "Tis Better...

Have a nice evening, friend!!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Danette, you are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for visiting me often! You have gone un-noticed! I have a sister named Nanette and everytime I see your picture it reminds me of her! If you are like anything like her, you are a real swwetheart! Thanks you for the sweet note about my Etsy store. I just do simple things. Girl do you have the talent!!! I have seen your work before and have you in my favorites! Then when I just looked up your Etsy store, it was you all this time! I love your work, especially the capelets and scrafs! Beautiful!!! Hope to see you often Danette!


Tracy said...

LOVE your cottage tea cozy, Danette! Like you, I'm a HUGE Anglophile! Hope sweet Gabby will be feeling better very soon...Happy Days ((HUGS))

Kathy said...

Love the cottage, what a great center piece. thanks for knitter 101 vocab.! I guess I will learn as I go. That's how my life basically is, anyway. I hope Gabby is back to her cute self today! has Gabby seen Toy story 2? She would love it, one of the main characters is a doll. hey, Danette we are all wanting to see that secret creation that you made for your blog give away.

Shari said...

Looking at that sweet little gal of yours sleeping with her paci reminded me of the good old sick days with my kids when they were little. It's funny how it all turns out to be such a sweet blessing - even with the worry and the lack of sleep. Such a joy to be with them when they need you so, comforting that little warm body snuggled up against you. She'll have fond memories of sick days with Grammy!

I do hope she gets to feeling better today and that you both can get some good rest.

Danette said...

Thanks for all the well wishes!
We had another long, feverish, sleepless night last night of watching Toy Story in the wee hours!!! We have Toy Story Two also, but she seems to prefer the first one. She calls the shots!
Love to you all today!

I'm boxing up & sending off Kar's gift for the give away today. I have pictures ready to post as soon as I get the word from her she has received it!
She was SO excited when she found out she's the winner. Like me, she says she NEVER wins anything. That makes me more excited!
Still hoping she likes it.

Becky said...

Poor Gabby! So sorry she had another icky night. :( I'm glad I stayed home last night - I was SO tired! I just watched Elvis & Marilyn Monroe movies and drank lots of juice & water and am feeling so much better today! I just prayed for Gabby & am looking forward to hearing she's good as new.
Hugs to all of you!

Sandra said...

Such a sweet photo of Gabby! Hope she is feeling better today.

I LOVE cottages too and your tea cozy is wonderful. I'm also an anglophile being half English and half Irish. My niece just got back from a trip to England and I can't wait to hear all about it. Someday I hope to visit there, too.