Sunday, March 8, 2009

Silky Cinnabar Shawl

How exotic does that sound?!

After finishing up another washcloth and scarflette for my Etsy shop, I began to wander around the house somewhat restlessly last night in search of my next project. Normally I have so many things on the needles or hook that this is not a problem. I've done so many instant gratification projects lately though, that I found myself {dare I say it?} caught up. Don't know exactly how that happened!

We were ready to settle in front of a movie and, of course, there AIN'T NO WAY I can do that without some kind of yarn something going on!!! I started crocheting a dishcloth for myself, because I'm running low, but... that wasn't working for me. {I'm sick of thinking about doing dishes!} Then I worked a bit on a Christmas gift I already started with that lovely yarn from Knit Picks. It's something worked in the round with 312 stitches cast on. After 3 rounds I realized I wasn't in the mood for that either. After all, Christmas is a long way off. I don't want to take all the fun out of the last minute knitting frenzy just a week before the big holiday!

Hmmm... what to do?

Suddenly a vision of this luxurious cone of yarn, sitting in a storage container in my supply closet, danced through my mind. I jumped up and ran {like the addict I am} for my yarn stash. After rescuing it from a bottom corner, where I've been saving it for something special, I headed for my books. For at least 2 years I've planned to make myself the "Meadow Flowers" shawl out of a book called: "Knitter's Stash ~ favorite Patterns from America's Yarn Shops".

This lovely, exquisite lace weight JaggerSpun yarn was a gift from a dear friend. She made a shawl for herself out of it and I loved it so much that she insisted on giving the rest of the cone to me. A very generous gift indeed! The cone holds 5040 yards of yarn and will make, well ~ I'm not sure how many more lovely items! The color is "cinnabar", a rich~dark red. This yarn is a 50/50 blend of merino wool & Chinese tussah silk.


It has a lovely sheen and when knit up renders a garment with beautiful drape. Another nice feature is that it is so light and airy that it meets the Shetland lace standard of being able to pull a shawl through a wedding ring. However, it's much softer and silkier than Shetland wool.

As I've mentioned before, I have a great love affair with knitted lacework. After crocheting and knitting bulkier items for awhile, I get to the point where I need a lace fix. I love the sheer, delicate femininity of a garment knit in a lace pattern when it's finished. Plus, I really prefer working with smaller needles and lighter weight yarns for the most part.

If you've never worked with yarn from a cone, give it a try. You can work in one continuous piece without any joins, which is a much faster and more fluid knitting experience. Plus, the yarn stays put and doesn't knot easily.

As my shawl grows, in between other things that will come my way needing to be made, I will periodically show my progress. I'm really enjoying it so far. The pattern is easy and straight forward. There will be a knitted border all the way around it when the body of the shawl is completed.

Also in the picture are a couple of my favorite goodies from Anthropologie. My lovely porcelain teacup with my initial and a darling set of salt & pepper shaker birds. I had to show the teacup, because a good cup of tea is always part of anything I'm creating and the red & white birds just looked so pretty with all the red in the picture!

While working on this shawl this afternoon, I finished listening to the audio book: "Tall Grass"
by Sandra Dallas. What a great story! It's done in the view of a 13 year old girl.
One of my favorite lines is one that reflects my feelings exactly.
While saying that, although her dad would always be the center of her mothers world, it was "her women friends who eased her life".

Now, I know a little something about that!
Hope all my "women friends" out there are having a nice, peaceful, relaxing Sunday evening.
I look forward to visiting with all of you as we start another new week together tomorrow.
TaTa For Now!


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Great choice of shawl patterns! That color should be fabulous on you too :)

I remember looking at that book ~ there are some amazing projects in there, including, My Constant Companion felted bag ~ which I hope someday to make for myself!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

That sounds dreamy, I can't wait to see the finished product!! I love the amazing color, I just the love the cone of yarn!!! Have a wonderful Monday!

BECKY said...

Oh so pretty, Danette!! Happy Monday, friend!! Love your Anthropolgy know I have a thing for birds, right??!!

Listen, you have to go to Kimba's blog and check out the wreaths!! There is one that made me think of you right away, and it's really a neat idea!! Here's her link

Have a lovely week...I so enjoy looking at what you create!! You're very gifted!! :o)

Tracy said...

That spicy red is deliciously exotic, and I love that shawl's going to be splendid, Danette! Lovely new offering in your Etsy shop too. :o) Happy week ((HUGS))

Shari said...

Ahh - a red feast for the eyes you have offered us today! This shawl looks like it will be just luscious and elegant! And those sweet little birdies are so cute. But I'm also enamored with your beautiful tabletop with that classy red design!

The French Bear said...

What beautiful stitches, I wish I could knit like that!! Love the color, and I love the pink tea cosy!! The "D" cup is very nice too!!!
Margaret B

Dolly said...

Ouuuu I love the color.
And your description of the yarn sounds wonderful....
soft and dreamy!

You will model it when its done right?

Hugz to you,

Liz said...

Oh this is going to be gorgeous!