Sunday, March 1, 2009

From Scarflette's to Tassels

Weekends seem to be a good time for finishing work. Last night I put the final touches on a sweet little crocheted scarflette I started and laid aside while I was working up the give away surprise.
I think it turned out pretty cute! I especially love the spirals I decided to whip up in place of leaves this time. I'm going to make another one in a different color this evening. They'll show up on my Etsy shop before long.

This afternoon's finishing job has been on someone elses knitted afghan. The yarn she used is a big, soft, chunky blend of merino wool, alpaca & silk {now that's talking my language!}. It's a gorgeous hand~dyed fiber made in Chile by Araucania. The shades of blue, turquoise and purple make me think of ocean breezes.
When she dropped it off to me, we discussed several options for enhancing her handiwork, and finally went with the idea of putting a large tassel on each corner. Sounds kind of cool, huh? Well... now that I have one attached, I'm not sure I like it. So, I'm going to put the halt on the rest of them, give her a call, and have her take a look at it before I make more. Each tassel uses up a lot of yarn. I have a hard time doing something if I don't like it very much myself. I try to be extra careful when finishing something another person has put their time, talent, and money into.

But, everyone's taste is different and if she likes it then it's a GO. If she doesn't like it, we'll figure something else out. When it comes to embellishing, the possibilities are always endless!
I did at least get all of her loose ends worked in, so the time spent was not a complete loss.
Happy March everyone!


BECKY said...

Hi Danette!! What a lovely scarflette!! You do beautiful work, girl!!

I also love your teapot cozies, and that delicate scarf in pink and white!! Simply lovely!!

I think she will like the tassels. It is different, but looks neat!! I'm curious about what she'll say.

Have a great Monday and week, friend!!

Dolly said...

Danette... will you adopt me?

Oh my gosh I love love love the scarflette... it is so victorian looking!
Very romantic and chic.
I am loving it! I can see it over a black or cream turtle neck...
Gosh its beeeeeeautiful!
You are so darn creative.... I wanna be you when I grow up! :-)

Hope you are having a great evening!

Blessings n Hugz,

P.S. I am not feeling the tassels either...maybe a ruffle!

P.S.S. <-is there such thing?}
I am posting my cinderella slippers tomorrow...will you be selling any in your boutique?
I wanna send you some customers!

Danette said...

Thanks for the sweet compliments!
I'll let everyone know whether we decide to "tassel" or not!

I'm still hoping I can be someone else when I grow up!!!
I'm glad you like the scarflette. And I thought I would have a pair of slippers online by now. I got side tracked with other projects. But maybe I'll make a pair a priority this week. Thanks for wanting to send customers my way! I'll take ALL of those I can get!!!

You Girls have a Great week!

Heidi Stork said...

Hi Danette!

I just simply adore the scarflette! It's totally funky (with the spiral leaves!)and I would love to have one...can't wait to see it in the shop! I will have to start dreaming of what color I would want!

Love you!

Danette said...

Hello Heidi!
I'm so glad you like the scarflette. It does look like you!
Especially the funky little spirals! I just posted it on my shop a few minutes ago. I'm going to make up a few more in different colors throught the week. It's a fun project!
Love you!

Patti Cakes said...

Well Danette I finished my first granny square. It's not very pretty but it's a granny square. heehee. It took me all night to do this one. I hope I get faster at it.


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, I always love to meet someone with the same interests, it's so fun!!
I love your scarflette!!! I am definitely going to have to visit your Etsy Shop. I am in awe of ladies who knit, I could never never never (did I say never?) get that down, just did not compute!! I tried, didn't happen. lol!!! Your blog is beautiful too!!! Have a lovely evening my new friend. xxx T.

Shari said...

What a beautiful scarflette - so classy and romantic looking!

Kathy said...

Scarflette, what a beautiful name for a beauty of a scarf! Of course I am very partial to the sound of scarflette! I dont know knitter terminology, is that a real name for a knitted scarf, or did you make that up? I have recently just learned that tea cozy is a real word. I was telling some-one how talented Danette was and describing the tea Cozy and, I was informed that Tea cozy s have been around for awhile, Who knew? I thought that was Danette's creation and her word. I love the spirals! Make your Monday7 great!

Danette said...

I wish I could take credit for both words and items. But I can't. "Scarflette" isn't my creation either. Now, the way I fancy it up~ that's mostly me.

Our Monday started at 5:20a.m. with a little one running quite a fever. Grammy didn't go to bed until 1:30a.m.! But we all got a little more sleep after the tylenol took effect.
We're up again and the fever isn't quite as high. No other symptoms yet. We'll see what the day brings!
Grammy has a knit/crochet class to teach tonight & Mommy will be at work. But BaPa will be here. If she's too sick, of course, I won't leave her!
Hope everyone elses week is off to a better start!
Love You!!!

Danette said...

Check my Etsy shop. You inspired me and I put a pair of purple slippers online late last night. I'll try to get a pair of pink ones on sometime this week.

Becky said...

That's a pretty big pair of scissors in the picture. wink, wink!