Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Week In My Life

Monday morning started off with one of my favorite things ~ a package on the porch full of New Yarn!!! I decided to get a real early jumpstart on a at least a couple of Christmas presents. I know, it's hard to even think of Christmas when all we're really wanting at this point is the freshness of SPRINGTIME! But, since I will have a year full of trying to keep my Etsy shop stocked, filling local orders and introducing others to the wonderful world of fiber fun, I know I'll have to work on gifts here and there along the way.

This beautiful assortment of fingering weight yarn is from Knit Picks. Other than my local yarn shop {always, always, always my first love!}, this is my other favorite supply source. The yarn and needles are fabulous, the shipments are very fast and there is no shipping charge for orders over $50.oo.
This time I chose 3 shades of "Imagination" yarn, which is a blend of superwash merino wool, superfine alpaca and nylon. The color names are fun: Looking Glass, Frog Prince, & Mermaid Lagoon. I have a specific project in mind for all of them, but I can't tell what it is now because that would ruin my Christmas surprises! Monday evening took me back to my girls at Eli's, where we sip tea or coffee, swap stories, & play with yarn. I have a new student {this was her 2nd week} who is learning to knit. Erin, who is left handed, has never tried to work with yarn before. I am right handed and it is far more challenging for me to teach a lefty to knit than to crochet. So, she decided since she was "all thumbs" feeling anyway that she would learn to knit right handed. She's doing a GREAT job! I'm always amazed at how well lefty's learn to adjust in a right~handed world. {My Chelsea is left~handed also}.

Tuesday morning I mailed off the surprise gift to Kar and am anxiously awaiting news that she's received it so I can have the unveiling for all of you! Then on tuesday evening I got an interesting request from someone on my Etsy shop. She likes my tea cozies and is wondering if I can make something similar for her to cover the box she keeps her mothers ashes in. I told her I will certainly give it my best shot & that I'm honored to be asked. Anything that helps her honor the memory of her mother works for me. I'll keep you posted on the progress of this endeavor.

Wednesday morning started off with a trip to Ewenique Yarns {my beloved yarn shop!} to give a one on one crochet lesson. Cindy wants to make a beautiful granny square afghan {Hmmm.... reminds me of someone else out there ~ how's it going Patti Cakes?}. At the end of the lesson she had one big beautiful multi~colored square finished. She went on her way happy and ready to tackle the rest of the squares. She said she will probably call me when it comes time for the border. I just love that single moment when I can see it "click" for someone. I LOVE passing on something that has continued to give me such pleasure over the years.

When I returned home yesterday, Little Miss Gabby greeted me first thing with 10 toenails painted bright pink. Mommy delighted her with this girlie treat. Gabby seems to finally be over her fever and perked up pretty good now. Nothing quite like a fresh pedicure to perk a girl right up!
Anyway, the rest of my week and weekend holds the plan to crochet at least one more washcloth and one more scarflette for my Etsy shop. Then I may add some knitted sterling wire and glass bead jewelry to my list of things to do.

The Scripture on my sidebar for today seems appropriate right now:

"Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished, but he that gathereth by labour shall increase."
Proverbs 13:11

Guess I'll just keep working away. If that's what you want to call something I have SO MUCH FUN DOING!

May God bless your hands and all they have to do today. May he also bless those who are touched by your hands along the way!


Kar said...

Hi Danette!

I love those colors from Knit Picks. They have awesome yarn don't they. I love ordering from them also. It gets me into trouble sometimes. Oh well, there are worse things out there to get into to trouble for.

Em just turned 10 and she is having fun working on her crochet things. It is so nice seeing her figuring out something and being rewarded from the finished project. Brenna loves sitting and watching her big sister. Hopefully she will take after Em also with wanting to learn crochet.

I couldn't tell you what goes on with the comment thing on blogger. I have that same problem with other blogs sometimes. Who knows. It is a bit frustrating seeing that there aren't too many comments for a certain post and others have more than usual. Technology.

Take Care dear! xxxxx

2L3Bs World said...

Dearest Danette,
You're so lucky to have the time of your life where you can do the things that you love dearly.. Your etsy products are one of my favourites. Thanks for sharing..

BECKY said...

Pretty yarn, Danette!! I wanna be one of your students!! Waahhhh!!!
How fun would that be??!!

YAY!!! So glad to hear Gabby is doing better!!

I saw that you are a vegan. :o) I was a raw vegan for about 1/2 a year a couple of years ago, and never felt better in my life!!

I have started to eat about 50% raw again, but am full vegan. Do you have any recipes that I simply must try?? I have some good ones from my sis who is vegan, too, but would love some others that are tried and true!! If you can think of any, or have a trusty source for them, could you email them to me?
Thanks so much, Danette!!!

Have a lovely day!! Have I told you that I love how you write?? It's always a joy to read your posts because I think you write just like you talk!!

Sunshiney blessings!!

Sandra said...

Danette, I'm always so encouraged after reading one of your posts. Thanks for sharing that scripture and your positive attitude.

Oh my, that yarn! It's beautiful and I imagine you will have fun working with it. It sounds like you had a busy but productive week...busy but like you said, fun! It's good that Gabby is feeling so much better.

Have a great weekend!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

That yard looks like dreamy cotton candy! I love reading your blog, in addition to seeing the beautiful eye candy creations of yours, it is so uplifting!! Thank you!!! Have a beautiful evening.

Liz said...

Those colors are my favorite. I love blue and green together! How fun that you have a gift and talent to share! Your roses that are in your Etsy shop are adorable!


Alison Boon said...

I can see why you would be itching to get started with that beautiful yarn.
I am a lefty and learnt to knit by looking in a mirror, but I then learnt continental and found it much easier.

sa said...