Sunday, November 9, 2008

Falling Leaves

There are leaves falling all around us this time of year. Because we live in an old house with big trees, we have lots and lots of leaves. It can be a rather back breaking job to keep on top of (for Scott that is!). The only leaves I deal with usually are the ones that fall from my knitting needles. I love lace patterns with leaves knitted into the design. A couple of years ago I made this scarf for Hilary who also loves leaves and whose favorite color happens to be green. The yarn is a lace weight wool/silk blend and was very nice to work with. I see it leaving the house wrapped around her neck quite often.

Yesterday I started a new pattern I just couldn't resist trying out. It's going to be a skinny scarf of small leaves one on top of the other with a large leaf falling from each end. I'm not sure yet how long to make it. I'm crazy about the yarn! It's actually a wool sock yarn. The rich colors make me think of a rose garden.
I also love to embellish my work with knitted leaves.
I think the leaves dangling from one end of this scarf add so much to the finished look. This particular scarf is heading for Canada, where I'm sure its coziness will be greatly appreciated. My fingers are flying to create another one for my Etsy shop!

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brrep said...

Ooooh, your yarn goodies are flying off the shelf! The Chantilly Rose scarf was gorgeous and oh-so-soft! Whoever gets to wear that will adore it!
Moochy Kisses and Hugs,