Monday, November 24, 2008

Home Again, Home Again!

Well, I finally got my hubby home yesterday afternoon and all is well. He just has to spend the next couple of weeks recovering. Poor thing has to live off jello, pudding, and liquids for awhile though. No turkey and dressing for him this week!
I did get a little bit of knitting accomplished during those hours spent at the hospital. I liked the ponchette I made a few days ago so well that I started another one with some different yarn. Plus I knew something knit in the round would be the perfect choice for the atmosphere, since it doesn't seem to take as much concentration. You can just keep going and going and be done before you know it. However, I did not get it finished (too many interruptions, I did have to look after Scott a little bit!). Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.
The first one was made from the hand-dyed superwash wool. It's on my Etsy shop now listed as "Bridget's Gone To Town" ( for my beautiful sister because the minute I saw the pattern it reminded me of something she would love to wear!). I'm using a self striping wool/silk blend by Noro for the current one, which is actually what the pattern calls for. I love to make the same garment using different yarns to see what I can come up with each time. The colors in this one are so pretty. And who doesn't love something self striping?! Takes all the work out and it ends up looking gorgeous.


brrep said...

Are you sure Mr. Scott did not secretly learn to knit already and made this himself? If so, he's very good already!

Hand Knits That Blossom said...

Actually, Scott does all my knitting and crocheting. I just didn't want anyone to know I can't really do it myself!