Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just a Little FYI

I will be away from the Land of Blog for the next few days. My sweet hubby has to have some surgery and, since we can't bear to be away from each other too much, I'll be staying with him at the hospital. So we are busy packing our bags tonight for this fun adventure (his first ever surgery). I just rummaged around the closet to find a cute little floral tapestry overnight bag for MY stuff - make-up, curling iron - you know the important things in life! Just because he's going under the knife doesn't mean I can't look good. Afterall I don't plan on receiving visitors without my lipstick on. And of course my main concern is what to take in my knitting bag! I just got a new project on the needles so I don't have to try to concentrate on casting on and counting (and recounting) stitches tomorrow. OH! I guess I'd better think about what he might need in HIS bag. Let's see... do I even have a bag for him? Oh well, he'll be knocked out most of the time anyway. And he could care less about being cute. But for me, it's like a mini vacation. KNITTING TIME with no dog wanting to run in and out a million times a day, no laundry, no phone, etc., etc.,etc.,. I told him during his estimated two week recovery time he finally gets to learn to knit. Don't want him just lying around taking up space and sucking up air! Anyway, TaTa For Now. Talk to you all in a few days.

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