Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Sweet!

I just can't resist showing this Shower Me With Love newborn baby hat. It's a custom order for one excited Grandma who is waiting for her new granddaughter to arrive any day now. I love the umbrella stitch pattern and it's so sweet knit up in this pink bamboo and nylon yarn. I crocheted the ivory flower from a fine wool/mohair blend and stuck a little tiny iridescent glass bead in the center because a girl's never too young for a little sparkle!


Anonymous said...

I just love trying to figure out which piece of furniture in which part of your house is the background for the things you show in this blog! I think the little hat is on the chair by the front door. Not sure, though. :-D
Love you,

Hand Knits That Blossom said...

Bingo! The baby hat is on the chair in the foyer. I have to be careful so the pictures don't show too much background mess around here!