Friday, November 14, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Although we've been enjoying unseasonably warm weather for an Illinois November, I know it will eventually snow. And I have to admit --- I do love snow! There's nothing like it when it's freshly fallen, especially after dark when the street lights cast a glow, giving the illlusion of thousands of diamonds sparkling all over. I love to wrap up in a warm coat and fluffy scarf and mittens and walk in the chill night air to breathe in the scent of snow. The closer the holidays get, the more anxious I become for the beauty of it all. Only God could create such a wondrous thing as a snowflake.
I've always loved anything that looks like a snowflake. That's why as soon as I found this scarf pattern in "101 Small Indulgences: Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders" by Judith Durant, I knew I had to purchase the book and some heavenly yarn to try it out. I chose a whisper soft, fine weight 100% alpaca to crochet this lovely little luxury item. Actually, the pattern doesn't refer to it as a snowflake, but it sure looks like one to me! There will be eleven of these gorgeous squares total. The border I'm adding to each end is not part of the pattern, but I thought it would add just the right touch.
P.S. Happy Birthday Courtney!!! 15 years ago today you made me an "Auntie" for the first time. I love You!


brrep said...

What??? I thought we were in agreement: NO SNOW ALLOWED THIS WINTER! The only snow I will accept is if it's made of wool, alpaca, or even acrylic. :-D

Malory Rebekah said...

I love snow too! well...until the end of January/beginning of February, then I'm ready for spring! Nothing like a nice hot cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows on a quiet snowy evening :)
This scarf looks gorgeous! It would look really cute with those red wrist warmers! (I love those too! beautiful!)
Let me know what next week holds for you and maybe we can get the bumblebee-girls together to play, hopefully they'll give us a chance to knit too
Love you!

Hand Knits That Blossom said...

I'm always ready for Spring by December 26! Although I do love the coziness of being tucked in the house for a winter evening full of hot tea and knitting. I'll have to take a rain check on the bumble bee reunion. Scott's having surgery this week. But soon! I'll put the kettle on and we WILL knit!

Malory Rebekah said...

I need to remember to check the little box that says "forward follow up comments" :)

Looking forward to a hot cup of tea and some knitting!
How is Scott's recovery? I hope he's feeling much better!