Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There's a tea cozy in my Etsy shop named "Carey Takes Tea With Me" after my dear friend of many years. Carey and I have been through so much life together. I'm so thankful for her precious friendship.

Her husband, Russ, gave us a very special Christmas gift last year. We each got an envelope containing gift certificates for lunch out together, a shopping trip to our favorite yarn shop, (what a great guy!) and this beautiful poem he wrote:

Twenty and some years ago,
two strangers met and began
purling their first stitches.

God had given each a skein
from which live stitches
could be pulled from the
center of their lives.
A swatch was knitted,
the sample of the beautiful
friendship that was to come.

Over time the pattern
which formed, sometimes
used a garter stitch, sometimes
ribbing, and now and then,
a dropped stitch was found
that only frogging could mend.

But through it all,
the Master Knitter gauged
the rows of their lives,
placing memorable stitch
markers along the way
and brought enduring increase.


carey said...

I am very honored by your friendship and by "our" tea cozy! Russ is honored by his place in your blog! "I've finally been published" he said. I love you very much dear friend! Carey

brrep said...

What a delightful poem! I'm impressed by Russ's knowledge of knitting terms! The cozy is beautiful, too!
Hugs and Moochy Kisses,