Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Wonder Of It All

Finally! Gabby experienced her first snowfall this morning. How magical it is to see the things that cause wonder in a child. We took her to the back door so she could see the ground covered in white. Being her first time to see snow, she couldn't figure it out. I stepped out and gathered some into a ball and brought it in. When her mommy gave it to her she immediately said "hot". The picture looks like she's tasting it (a good assumption because she tastes everything else!), however, she's actually blowing on it. After we put it in a bowl, so she could show this strange and wonderful discovery to Grandpa, she finally had a little sample of it. We've had to sit on the back steps several times to snuggle up and watch it snow.

The little snow bird is finally napping now so Grammy's getting a break from snow watching! It's time to pick up my crochet hook and create another Snow Blossom Scarf. The one on my Etsy shop is heading for Phoenix tomorrow, where I'm sure it will be the only thing resembling a snowflake. This new one I've started is made from a gorgeous, soft and sparkly yarn of merino wool, silk, and genuine sterling silver.


brrep said...

Oh, Gabby is too cute in her footie jammies! I bet she and the doggies are thrilled to have gotten even more snow!

Hand Knits That Blossom said... doggie loves the snow, but the 3 pound Mexican has a hard chill every time the door gets opened!

brrep said...

Look at your blog's new look!! Very, very nice!

Hand Knits That Blossom said...

You like the new look? We're still tweaking it (WE of course being Hilary). There should be a pretty border showing up on the sides that isn't fitting yet. We'll (o.k.-Hilary)will get it figured out eventually. I ordered it from Thompsondesigns. Don't they do a great job!