Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Ones

Last night I added a "Little Ones" line to my Etsy shop. This is for all you Mommy's, Auntie's and Grammy's who have precious little ones to spoil! I've been selling baby knitwear for the last few years but had my stock too depleted to put anything online until now. So keep watching on Hand Knits That Blossom as I add knew items.

Here are a few pictures of some things I made for Gabby. I'll eventually make more like these to add to my shop. I just love the sweater and was sad when she outgrew it. The blanket is a popular one that I originally made to teach a crochet class on. Customers love it! And, if you check out my shop, you'll notice that same umbrella stitch hat. I made the one pictured here while we were awaiting Gabby's arrival. It's made from a gorgeous wool/angora blend in my favorite shade of dusty pink. She looks adorable in it! It'll be perfect this winter.


Malory Rebekah said...

You've been busy! :o) your blog and store look great!

love the photos of Gabby! what a doll!

love you!

brrep said...

Gabby's little outfit is adorable! I love the blankie, too -- maybe that could be a project for our class someday? I'm loving your blogs -- they are so well-written and descriptive -- I can just hear you speaking when I read them. :-)
- Becky